Smart Ways Of Curbing Underage Gambling

A number of queries have been raised on how to prevent underage gambling effectively. Although all reputable online poker rooms do not advertise to minors, underage gambling is still a risk that needs to be addressed as in brick and mortar casinos. The anonymity provided by online poker makes it easier for underage gamblers to join. However, there are a number of ways through which parents and poker rooms can protect young people from gambling online.

Steps Made By Poker Rooms

Identity is a factor that poker rooms are very strict about. In fact, it is the first priority in money and online poker. Large poker rooms have Integrity Age Verification software meant to validate passports, driving licenses and other forms of government documentation in over a hundred countries. These poker room require name, date of birth, address and ID all of which are vital to age verification before a real money account is set up. These help prevent young people from gambling online.

Steps Made By Parents And Other Adults

Parents can play a vital role in preventing online gambling by young people using strong preventive measures. Parents who have online gambling accounts should never leave them open in the presence of minors. They should ensure that they always log out. Parents should also ensure that they never enable online gambling accounts to remember passwords and information used to log in.

Banking and credit card information should also be kept secret and private, away from minors. Avoid playing in places where minors are present. Your activities may arouse their curiosity and fuel their urge to participate in online gambling. You can also install software for computer surveillance. Programs such as NetNanny, Safekids and Cybersitter can help you restrict access to certain sites on the internet, as well as certain softwares. This is by far the best way to prevent underage gambling. Parents need to keep vigil against underage gambling. If a minor is suspected of playing, then the poker room should be informed so that the account can be frozen until the owner can prove his or her age.