Tips on Bingo

The Basics

Bingo games are usually hosted in different gaming establishments and halls which host the said game. They also vary in terms of the game rules and mechanics, as well as payout conditions and amounts. Some experienced casino players might consider this as one of the simplest card games available in the industry. But winning the jackpot at stake is always a challenge to anyone - even the experienced ones.

To start a round of this simple card game, players need to purchase valid bingo cards on the establishments they want to participate on. Each bingo card has a 5 x 5 grid on it which is filled with random numbers under the columns of the letters B-I-N-G-O. Only a max five numbers is allowed per column, except for column N which has one free space for any number to occupy.

The column of B contains numbers between 1 to 15, column I has numbers from 16 to 30, column N contains numbers between 31 and 45, column G has the numbers from 46 to 60, and column O contains numbers from 61 to 75. All these numbers are randomly assigned under each column per card.

Some gaming hubs allow multiple cards per player for more chances of winning different patterns.

How to Win in Bingo Games

The primary goal of every bingo player in this game is to complete different card patterns ahead of other participants playing for that round. These patterns vary depending on the gaming halls played at and on the prize at stake. Some gaming halls host multiple bingo rounds with different patterns at a time to allow its players to win other rewards at stake - even when they lose on the earlier rounds.

The most usual patterns used in different bingo games include the Six Pack, Letter X, and the Blackout or Coverall Bingo.

Aside from focusing on the numbers and patterns on their cards, players should also pay attention on the numbers announced by the "caller." Bingo callers keep on calling out the numbers drawn until a player claims he or she hits a pattern and hit BINGO. The player's card is then verified based on the called numbers. The prize is awarded to the player once it is verified as a winning card.

If there are multiple winners in a round, the prize at stake is divided on all winning and verified cards.

Increasing Chances on Winning in Bingo Games

Some may consider their win in bingo games as pure gambler's luck. But there are two types of bingo systems which may give extra advantages to players on winning in bingo games.

Granville's System in Bingo Card Choosing

This is considered as one of the most prominent bingo systems formulated by a famous mathematical analyst worldwide, Joseph E. Granville. According to Granville's analysis, players should choose cards which are symmetric and systematic. This type of card is usually determined by the numbers on the bingo card.

A symmetric and systematic card should have a balance of high, low, odd, and even balls. It should also have the equal amount of numbers which end in 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on - such as 21, 32, 43, 54, 65 and others. He added that players who only know the mathematics of probability will fully understand this system. According to Granville, bingo rounds tend to draw equal amounts of low and high numbers, as well as even and odd numbers, in the long run.

Some players may consider as a senseless system because they know that they'll have the equal amounts of high, low, even, and odd numbers as the round progresses - which is in fact the exact system Granville explains. The system assures its players that the more numbers secured will disperse the numbers on the card in the long run. This gives each number an equal opportunity to be drawn and to be called.

Tippett's System in Card and Game Duration Relation

The other system involves the analysis of L. H. C. Tippett who suggests that if a round will last longer than a usual bingo game, players should choose cards with numbers closer to the median number.

In a 75-number bingo game for instance, Tippett believes that the earlier numbers drawn are closer to number 1 and 75. But as the round continues, called numbers are getting closer to the median which is number 38. He advises players to choose their cards depending on the duration of the bingo games they'll be playing. Shorter games should only have numbers closer to 1 and 75; while longer bingo games must have card numbers closer to number 38.

Nevertheless, no one can predict if a bingo game will be shorter or longer than the usual gaming duration. This somehow makes Tippett's claim questionable for most bingo players.

Other Ways to Increase Winning Chances

Aside from these systems, there are also other obvious and easier ways to raise the winning chances in bingo games. These include purchasing the maximum allowed quantity of cards per round; playing in games which have fewer participants to increase the chances of winning; join bingo clubs and get rewarded with exclusive bonuses and rewards; and getting discounted cards and packages from different bingo halls. With winning probabilities between 15 to 20 percent, these simple - yet helpful tips - will surely aid players on increasing their chances in winning big in this game.

Some may still consider bingo as a game of luck and chance. But with the proper knowledge on these tips and strategies, bingo players will excel in every game they participate on.

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