Poker gambling is a fun way of earning money

Merriam Webster describes gambling as being in a game of possibility for money. Another definition it provides is to risk cash or anything of value on a result that depends on chance. With this definition, a lot of casino games are classified as gambling.

In order for a match to be considered skill-based, every player has to start with an equal chance of winning. For example, both persons playing chess gets equal pieces that's arranged identically. Players need to utilize their skills and knowledge so they can beat the other. Although money is placed on the outcome, it still depends on skill.

In poker gambling, all players do not start with the same number of cards, even in matches with studs of five cards. How the cards are give to players depends on chance, the money put in the pot makes this poker gambling.

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Utilizing the definitions given above, there are some people that claim horserace betting cannot be categorized as gambling since the horses involved in the match start at the similar position in the track. However, the horses have varying sizes, speed and endurance. Any wagers put on the result of the race makes it gambling.

Most poker players say that poker gambling needs skill - that you must have the necessary skills to play it. Yes, poker requires focus, a good memory, control over facial expressions and body language and patience. These factors may form the basic poker skills, but at its core, poker is ultimately about players putting money on the random cards they are given.

If someone takes into account all things above, it is very probable they would make a conclusion that poker, including its numerous variants, is actually gambling. Yet, that should never affect how you see the game. It should never stop you from enjoying poker no matter how often you play it. Although it is considered gambling, it is still a good way to earn money and in a fun way at that.