Roulette Gambling Or Gaming - Is There A Difference?

When it comes to making laws, governments like to be proactive, after all, that is why they have been voted into power. The people who elect them, usually do so for a specific reason. It may be because a party has promised to improve the roads, improve Medicare or reduce taxes. In some cases it may be that the voter has supported their political party all their life and vote for the same party automatically. We won't forget the good looking politician who oozes charm, humor and charisma in abundance as well as offering the reforms that the people want. Well seriously, if you were an undecided female voter, who would you have voted for?

When it comes to laws, Roulette gambling or Roulette gaming is a real interesting one as it would seem this is not as clear cut as you may first imagine. By way of an example, let's take a little look across the waters to the Emerald Isle, and see how the law is currently unfolding with this very popular online game, a game that some in the legal profession say is a volcano ready to explode.

In Ireland, Roulette gambling, like most places, is very popular. The gambler can walk into a bookmaker, collect a 'betting slip' and on this preprinted card, write the numbers which he wishes to bet on, and hand it to the counter person. He then waits for the virtual wheel to be spun on a screen to see if the ball lands on his number and he wins his bet. In this type of scenario, if he loses and the bookie wins, by law the bookie is subject to paying a tax of 1% on their profit as per the terms of their bookmakers license. Since some Irish bookmakers are also online, and again governed by the legal requirements of their licence, roulette gambling online profits are also subject to 1%. This however, is not the same for Irish casino operators.

Online Irish Casinos when it comes to paying tax fall under the jurisdiction of 'Gaming' and as such, pay tax of 23% on their profits. The current legal take on gaming is that the player may have the option to alter the predetermine outcome when they play 'games' at online casinos. People who 'gamble' with online bookmakers however, cannot make any changes once their bet is placed and cannot influence further what happens. As they say in the legal profession, the devil is always in the detail, here it certainly seems to be the case.