How Is Angry Birds And Underage Gambling Linked?

Although there is seemingly no possible link between Angry Birds and gambling, Sheldon Adelson has warned about a link between Angry Birds and underage gambling. However, the truth to this warning is rather difficult to establish in fact, many people are viewing it as a scare tactic meant to further his agenda to stop internet gambling in the U.S. Mr. Adelson should borrow a leaf from the tobacco companies and realize that scare tactics do not work. In any case, they might encourage people even more as has been the case with dire warnings on cigarette packets; yet smoking is on the rise.

The controversial advert aimed at influencing politicians on Capitol Hill features a young boy who while playing Candy Crush and Angry Birds accidentally stumbles into the online gambling account belonging to his father. Somehow, the devious boy manages to crack the father's password and enters the world of real money gambling. The advert then continues to show how the boy moves from poker to roulette to black jack while all the while playing for real money.

The message is quite conspicuous and it is that any teenager with a smartphone and who plays the common mobile device games is at direct risk of being exposed to real money online gambling. This is yet another low blow by Adelson and his well-funded lobbyists by trying to blame acts such as terrorism and money laundering on online gambling.

The real experts from law enforcement factions disagree with Adelson. In fact, they highlight the obvious, which is if online gambling is to be controlled; it needs to be brought under a central regulatory body. The body will protect consumers and the industry in general. The ad campaign launched by Adelson and his lobbyists is a small part of his intended media blitz. Many critics claim that this is an attempt by Adelson to look after his brick and mortar casinos. These casinos are bound to feel the effect once online gambling is legalized. Which in fact, is it, in certain countries like Canada. This means that arcade games and many other popular titles from the gaming universe are available as online casino games in Canada with the option to play them for free or real money. Since online gambling in Canada is legal, it could be the perfect getaway for players who can't enjoy this practice in their native country.