Take the guesswork out of office pool gambling with these tricks!

Although the NCAA Final Four could have domination on collegiate office pool gambling, there are still several office pools devoted to football matches in the college level. For larger bowl games like the championship match of BCS, box pools are very popular. However, most people like to build pools that roll several bowl games into one. The most common pool type involves attempting to choose the winner, either against the spread or straight up. There are numerous kinds of winner pools for straight up category, and tie breakers will be necessary often. Here, the total points in the championship contest will be guessed.

Choosing Winners Of The Straight Up

In this kind of pool, only a list of the various bowl matches will be given. Participants will be asked to choose the team which they think will win. As soon as the finals are over, the winner is the one who chose the most number of correct bowl tournaments. It's that easy. Because the bowls are only few, it is possible that more than one player will have the similar number of correct bowl games picked. This is when tie breakers enter the scene. The most widely used tie breaker used is asking the partakers to pick the total combined points earned by the two teams during the finals.

Utilizing The Weighted Means For Pools

Another means of office pool gambling involves choosing the straight up champion of each match; however, points are assigned according to the arrangement of inclination to each match. For example, during the 2007-2008 football season, there were 32 matches. By using the weighted method, participants will assign a total of 32 points to the group they think is the strongest competitor and has the highest winning chance. The second team believed to be the strongest is given 31 points, the third one 30 points and so on. When the bowl season is over, the points will be added and the person who has the biggest sum of points wins. In this method, there is very little chance of a tie but when there is one, a tie breaker can be done.

Making Use Of The Point Spread

This is almost similar to the first means, but aside from choosing a winner, players are required to pick team winners versus point spreads.


In office pool gambling, the first thing you have to do is check the point spreads for every match. If you're in one where you just choose the winners in every match, choosing seven or more favorites might be enough to give you an advantage over other players. In weighted pools, you can give the biggest points to the teams favored with at least seven points. If you're in pools that pick games versus point spreads, there's no need to think twice and just pick the underdog.