Blackjack Gambling - Do Betting Progressions Seriously Work?

When putting Blackjack gambling under the microscope one will obviously want to be organised in their staking for each game that is played. Is there any particular staking plan that one can use that's better than the other, and what about progressive betting, what is that and how does it work? You may also want to know about no deposit blackjack bonus codes, and can you really win real money with them without risk? You can find detailed answer for that question at So to continue, let's see what is progressive betting in blackjack.

Progressive betting with Blackjack gambling is kind of interesting as it introduces a bit of a twist the way one places their wager. The player varies their bets in a particular way from hand to hand rather than just using level stakes for every hand that they play.

There are all manner of different betting progressions that one can use, though it has to be said that they all have one common denominator. That is that the player either increases or decreases their next bet based solely on whether their previous hand was lost or won. Win progressions will encourage the player to increase their bet size if they've had a previous winning hand.

For example, a player makes a $10 bet and if they win, they increase the size of their bet to $20 on their upcoming next hand. There are all different sorts of win progressions, the most popular of which is what's called a 1-2-3-5 progression. This means the player increases their bet using the above multiples after each hand that wins, however as soon as they hit a loser they start back at the beginning again with the one unit bet.

Advocates of win progressions will adamantly claim that a player who uses this method of staking will win more money compared to the amount lost if they had five consecutive losing hands. Of course what they fail to mention is without a crystal ball it's impossible to know when such a winning streak will occur and can't be accurately predicted.

There are also hybrid betting progressions, where the player increases their bets following on from a win. After a couple or three successes they lock away some profit, and gradually reduce the size of their bets.

There are other betting progressions that can be used where the player increases their bet after a loss. Such Martingale betting progressions should be avoided at all costs, as they are highly dangerous. They seriously impair a player's judgement, thinking eventually everything will come good, and have the added danger of completely wiping a player out, so be warned!

The short of it all, with Blackjack gambling, betting progressions don't work. What does? Only card counting, that's it!